Contemporary Pools

A contemporary swimming pool is defined by its strict simplicity, clean lines, right angles, square coping, and the feeling of “less is more.” The contemporary theme is designed into the pool, spa, landscaping, and structures. All have the same clean lines and the goal of elegant simplicity. A contemporary pool and backyard design may include pilasters, columns, geometric designs, and a modern sensibility. A current trend in contemporary pool design is the negative edge/infinity pool and the perimeter overflow pool. Both of these pool styles create a “wet edge”, which is a visual effect of the pool’s perimeter vanishing or extending to “infinity.”

Custom Swimming Pools

A custom pool refers to a pool that has been specifically designed for you and your backyard. A designer will come to your home to get an idea of what type of pool you are looking for. Custom pools can be any shape or size and are designed to specifically fit your backyard and your specific needs. The classic rectangular pool is no longer the standard in pool design. With advances in technology, and the process of spraying a concrete mix called gunite onto a metal rebar framework, pools now have the flexibility to take on almost any design that one can imagine. A custom pool can take on any functionality that ones wishes: a play pool with two shallow ends, a lap pool that is longer and narrower, a dive pool with added depth, a free-form pool to fit your yard, an oversized spa for steamy relaxation, or even a perimeter overflow or negative edge pool for the sheer wonder and beauty of design.

Flagstone Pools

Natural flagstone is a popular choice is pool coping, decoration, or for the pool deck. Flagstone is a sedimentary rock, which means it is softer and more porous than a hard rock. The porous nature of flagstone gives it a natural non-slip surface and allows moisture to quickly evaporate. These features makes flagstone ideal for pool decking material. Flagstone is often used for pool decking because of its low maintenance and long lifespan. Flagstone can be cut into tiles, or allowed to remain in a more natural state of large slabs. There is true artistry in creating a beautiful flagstone pool deck and the finished product is a breathtaking masterpiece of which you will be very proud.

PebbleTec® Pools

Pebble Tec is a coating for the interior of your pool that adds a rich and more natural look. Pebble Tec has searched out and gathered pebbles, chosen for their color and beauty, from all around the world. Pebble Tec then combines thousands of tiny pebbles and fuses them into a plaster which is applied to the interior of your pool. Thousands of pebbles reflect light and play off the water creating a breathtaking rainbow of colors and moving sparkles.

The Pebble Tec finish is far more dynamic and natural looking than the white plaster that finishes other in-ground pools and spas. An added benefit is that Pebble Tec is stain resistant and adds strength and durability to your pool and spa. Pebble Tec comes in three different product lines: Pebble Tec, Pebble Sheen, and Pebble Fina – all of which come in multiple combinations of color. Some lines include crushed seashells for added brilliance and sparkle. As a further testament to the quality of their product, Pebble Tec only allows skilled installers who are licensed by Pebble Technology to apply the pebble coating.

Pool Remodels

A pool remodel may involve any part of your pool. It can range from simple upkeep and compliance with new standards to dramatic and complete overhauls that change the entire look and feel of your pool and backyard. A remodel can include a change of plaster, changing the shape of the pool, changing the depth of the pool, adding or removing a spa, raising the pool edging, replacing the plumbing, replacing the electrical, adding more efficient equipment, adding or updating fire pit or fireplaces, adjusting or adding structures, and just about anything else that relates to changes in your backyard environment. A remodeling project is similar to the process of designing a new pool: a designer visit your home, listen to your needs, and talk about your vision. Then after taking detailed notes, pictures, and measurements a CAD drawing is created to accurately depict the changes to your existing backyard. Soon your backyard will once again be your perfect retreat and a gathering place to be enjoyed by friends and family.

Rock Swimming Pools

One of the most popular trends in modern pool design is the rock pool. Rock pools use man-made or natural rocks to create water slides, grottos, waterfalls, caves, swim up bars, and more. Combined with lush landscaping, these dramatic water and rock creations transform your pool and backyard into an exotic locale. Large rock structures create impressive and exciting slides that turn the backyard pool into a water park. They can also create a stunning multi level waterfall or a lush and intimate grotto. The use of rock structures can be included in a variety of pools, ranging from tropical, old world, Greco-Roman, and contemporary. The possibilities are as expansive as your imagination; each one promising a striking, beautiful, and unique creation.

Salt Water Swimming Pools

A growing trend in the construction of pools is a salt or salt water pool. These pools are not treated with liquid or granular chlorine like a traditional pool. Instead, salt water pools are treated with common salt – which, through the process of electrolysis, is converted into chlorine. A common misconception about salt water pools is that the pool water will taste salty like the ocean. This is not the case. Ocean water has a salinity count of around 35,000 parts per million, and a salt water pool has about 3,000 parts per million. Humans have a salt taste threshold of approximately 3,500 part per million, which makes the salt in a salt water pool nearly undetectable to the human taste bud.

Salt water pools also reduce your maintenance, as the salt needs to be added far less frequently than traditional chlorine, and provides the convenience of not having to buy heavy and noxious chlorine. A salt water pool is gentler and kinder on the skin and eyes, will not discolor light hair, and does not leave the harsh smell of chlorine on your body. Other benefits of a salt treated pool is that you are swimming in a mild saline solution, as opposed to a harsher chemical environment. The saline pool is less drying to the body, and when you exit the pool your skin will feel softer and smoother and people generally feel more refreshed.

Tropical Swimming Pools

The goal of a tropical pool is to transform your backyard and transport you to somewhere lush and exotic, simply by stepping outside. This tropical feel is achieved through the use of man-made or natural rocks to create waterfalls and rock formations. A tropical pool is often enhanced by a Pebble Tec interior to deepen the color of the water to a blue or green hue. The tropical theme is continued with lush landscaping making use of plants like palm trees, banana plants, birds of paradise, and more. A tropical pool is more than just a pool, it is an entire backyard experience. The theme can be continued through structures, fire places, BBQs and cooking areas, all with a tropical flavor. The finished product is your own personal paradise.

Tuscany Swimming Pools

A Tuscan swimming pool is meant to evoke the feeling of “the old world” and has design elements that allude to historical Italy, Greece, and Spanish stylings. The Tuscany style has much more elegance and detail work than other pool themes. Design elements that may be included are use of natural stone, columns, pavers, glass tiles, mosaic work, colonnaded structures, sophisticated landscaping and planters. The Tuscany pool creates a European cultured paradise in your backyard. A growing trend in pool design is the use of glass tiles, and they are often used in Tuscan themed pools. The glass tiles range in size, but generally are smaller and can be used at the tile line of the pool or to create small designs. The combination of glass and water creates prisms of light and bursts of color. The addition of glass tiles can add greatly to the overall radiance of a Tuscan pool.

Spas & Hot Tubs

TA spa is a body of hot water that uses underwater jets that churn and agitate the water. Most people include a spa when constructing a pool – so much so that a jargon term “spool” has been created to refer to this trend. Spas are the ideal place to relax sore muscles and are often used as a form of water therapy. Beyond therapeutic benefits, spas are a natural gathering spot in your backyard where family and friends can sit together and enjoy the soothing effects of warm water. Built with the same gunite and rebar frame as an in-ground pool, spas also have flexibility in shape and size.

The spa’s perimeter can connect to the pool and have decorative spillways that flow into the main pool area. These spillways can be simple or elaborate; a gentle stream of water or a cascading waterfall – a dramatic additional element to the theme of the pool and backyard. Spas can also be built detached from the pool, or built as a “stand alone” with no pool. Additional variations include: oversized spas, number of jets, multilevel seating, shape, decorative stylings, and natural materials. A spa adds warmth, relaxation, and luxury to your backyard.

Outdoor Environment

Your backyard is more than just a beautiful pool, it enhances your living space and lifestyle. Your backyard becomes a destination which should be planned and organized for function and beauty. When envisioning this perfect outdoor environment it is important to plan for the four essentials – Family, Food, Fun, and Fire. There are an abundance of options to fashion this optimal environment. Additions to your backyard can include fireplaces, fire pits, built in BBQs, outdoor kitchens, bathrooms, bars, gazebos, cabanas, pergolas, lighting, and landscaping. These elements help your backyard transcend normality and become an oasis, full of awe inspiring beauty, functionality, and personality. Every day is a vacation when you have a resort in your own backyard. It becomes an extension of your home, an inviting and welcoming place where your family and friends will want to gather and enjoy life.