Tuscany Swimming Pools

A Tuscan swimming pool is meant to evoke the feeling of “the old world” and has design elements that allude to historical Italy, Greece, and Spanish stylings. The Tuscany style has much more elegance and detail work than other pool themes. Design elements that may be included are use of natural stone, columns, pavers, glass tiles, mosaic work, colonnaded structures, sophisticated landscaping and planters. The Tuscany pool creates a European cultured paradise in your backyard. A growing trend in pool design is the use of glass tiles, and they are often used in Tuscan themed pools. The glass tiles range in size, but generally are smaller and can be used at the tile line of the pool or to create small designs. The combination of glass and water creates prisms of light and bursts of color. The addition of glass tiles can add greatly to the overall radiance of a Tuscan pool.