Spas & Hot Tubs

TA spa is a body of hot water that uses underwater jets that churn and agitate the water. Most people include a spa when constructing a pool – so much so that a jargon term “spool” has been created to refer to this trend. Spas are the ideal place to relax sore muscles and are often used as a form of water therapy. Beyond therapeutic benefits, spas are a natural gathering spot in your backyard where family and friends can sit together and enjoy the soothing effects of warm water. Built with the same gunite and rebar frame as an in-ground pool, spas also have flexibility in shape and size.

The spa’s perimeter can connect to the pool and have decorative spillways that flow into the main pool area. These spillways can be simple or elaborate; a gentle stream of water or a cascading waterfall – a dramatic additional element to the theme of the pool and backyard. Spas can also be built detached from the pool, or built as a “stand alone” with no pool. Additional variations include: oversized spas, number of jets, multilevel seating, shape, decorative stylings, and natural materials. A spa adds warmth, relaxation, and luxury to your backyard.