Should I install a shallow or deep pool?

The decision to build a deep or shallow pool is of course entirely up to the pool owner. However, the considerations that influence whether the pool is deep or shallow can be bewildering. The following are some things to consider:


Much depends on if the owner has young children or plans on having some in the future. If the pool is going to be a place to simply splash around in and have fun, experts claim it should be no less than 3 feet deep and no more than 5 feet deep. The owner may also want to install a small wading pool that’s about 2 feet deep for toddlers. Yes, kids grow quickly and can outgrow wading pools, but, another term for wading pool areas is a Reef step area. Reef steps are very popular with all age groups. If the pool is going to be used mostly by grown-ups for the foreseeable future, the depth should be tailored to the height of the shortest person. The water should come up to about their shoulders when they stand upright.


Will you be jumping or diving into your pool? And will you want to install a diving board? When children become teenagers some of them seem to not be able to resist flinging themselves into the water whether there is a diving board available or not. If the owner thinks they are going to have to accommodate teenagers at some point but can’t or won’t have a diving board, they might want to build the deep end about 6’6” to 7’6” deep. If you are considering a diving board there are specific diving envelops you must

follow. For example, if it is a 6’ long diving board the depts are calculated out to 15’ across the pool. Directly under the pool is 8’ then several feet out the depth is 7, then 6. Diving boards can be easily installed, but keep in mind, in a pool that is only 30’ long, you will have very little shallow area because of accommodating the diving envelope. We recommend a pool of at least 36’ long and 40’ long and over is ideal.


If the purpose for your pool is for exercise, you may want to consider a lap pool. And these pools do not need to be that deep. The ideal dimensions for a pool that is built for the owner to take morning or evening laps is about 82 feet long and at least 5 feet deep. Most people cannot accommodate 82’ so just build as long of a pool that will fit your yard.

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