Deciding Between a Straight-Edge and Free-Form Pool

When deciding to put a pool in your yard, you have to decide on its shape. One kind of pool shape is not necessarily better than another. It just has do with your family’s preference as well as the shape that works best for your property. Read on to learn about some advantages of straight edge and free form pools.

Straight Edge or Right Angle Pools

This has traditionally been one of the most popular pool shapes and it often maximizes limited backyard space. Either a square or a rectangle shape with clean lines tend to work well in existing traditional, classic, and modern backyard settings. If your backyard is long but narrow, a rectangle can remedy the space challenge. The solution is a “skinny” rectangle pool with a long span but with a narrow width of only 8 to 10 feet. This style pool is ideal for swimming laps or for other types of water exercise or sports. The right-angle pool has become a more popular design in the last few years with more creativity and originality. It simply is a pool that has character and can almost look like a piece of art. The right-angle pool also can adapt to odd shaped yards or work around existing or future built structures.

Free Form Pool

A free form encompasses any such pool that is flowing in its design and does not fit into another existing category. Since there are no rules on the shape of a free form pool, it can be any curved form with rounded areas. It can have a one-of-a-kind curvy configuration such as a soft and flowing shape that creates a tropical lagoon setting. It can also integrate landscaping like trees or shrubbery and it can soften the hard appearance of a home with sharp angles. A freeform pool can also work around odd shaped yards or existing or future structures.

Professional Company

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