Advantages and Disadvantages of Saltwater Pools?

There are a couple of common misconceptions when it comes to a saltwater pool. The first misconception is that a salt water pool has no chlorine. A saltwater pool actually contains chlorine, but it is generated by the chlorine generator with the use of salt that is basically added to your pool one time. The second misconception is that the saltwater will be “salty” like the water you find in the ocean. The fact is saltwater pools only have about a tenth of the salinity of the ocean (3500-4000ppm) so it will not be the same experience. Read on to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of saltwater pools.

How It Works

Although both types of pools are good options, saltwater pools have become more popular very popular over the years. In saltwater pools, the water is purified using the process of electrolysis. Once pool salt is poured into the water, the electrolyzer is connected to the swimming pool’s filtration circuit.

Pro #1 – Better For Your Hair & Eyes

Saltwater pools actually have some advantages over chlorine when it comes to your health. A saltwater pool is odorless and it has lower levels of chlorine. Therefore, it has fewer risks of allergies and irritations to the skin and eyes. Saltwater pools also produce softer water, which make your skin and hair feel more gentle.

Pro #2 – Less Maintenance

The maintenance is easier. Since the salt cells produce the chlorine that is needed every time the pool is running its daily cycle, saltwater pools owners can stop worrying about Chlorine without any fear of finding green algae growing in the water. The pool is not a maintenance free pool as PH and other important water factors must be checked regularly just like any other pool.

Con #1 – More Expensive

As compared to a traditional chlorine swimming pool, you will need to spend a little more money initially on the system and installation but almost no money on weekly chlorine. Please note that extreme conditions may still require additional chlorine.

Professional Company

As you can see from the above there are more benefits to installing a saltwater pool in your yard and Infinite Pools installs them on 95% of their new pool projects. If you are ready to work with a company that has the experience and knowledge to help you create and build the pool and yard of your dreams, contact Infinite Pools online or call 951-354-9888. Infinite Pools practices a hands-on approach to every job and is fully involved at all stages of your project to ensure it is completed to our exceptionally high standards.

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