Pool Remodels

A pool remodel may involve any part of your pool. It can range from simple upkeep and compliance with new standards to dramatic and complete overhauls that change the entire look and feel of your pool and backyard. A remodel can include a change of plaster, changing the shape of the pool, changing the depth of the pool, adding or removing a spa, raising the pool edging, replacing the plumbing, replacing the electrical, adding more efficient equipment, adding or updating fire pit or fireplaces, adjusting or adding structures, and just about anything else that relates to changes in your backyard environment. A remodeling project is similar to the process of designing a new pool: a designer visit your home, listen to your needs, and talk about your vision. Then after taking detailed notes, pictures, and measurements a CAD drawing is created to accurately depict the changes to your existing backyard. Soon your backyard will once again be your perfect retreat and a gathering place to be enjoyed by friends and family.