How does a pool function with the equipment?

Most pool owners love their swimming pool. But many wonder just how it works. And how is all the equipment that is needed used? Read on to learn more.

Pool Mode vs. Spa Mode

When you are using the pool, or the pool is in “pool mode” think that the spa does not exist. It may sound silly, but water is drawn from the pool to the equipment, which filters, cleans (and adds chlorine if the pool has a salt system or a tablet feeder). The cleaned water is then returned both the pool and the spa. It is all one body of water at this point. Since the spa has a spillway from the spa that runs into the pool, the spa really does “not exist” when it is in pool mode.

However, when you are using the spa, you are now in “spa mode.” In this mode, the valves turn on and the equipment focused only on circulating within the spa. The pump speeds up and aerates the water, which produces the bubbles. The spa is also heated n this mode. The easiest way to think about this is the pool is stagnant and not being filtered, only the spa..


Main drains are found at the pool bottom and skimmer drains are found near the top of the pool. Large pools have more than one skimmer and may have more than one main drain. Dirt sinks down to the main drain and is sucked in through the main drain. To keep people’s hair, clothes and other items from being sucked in as well, main drains have antivortex covers or grates. The skimmers are used to catch floating debris and waste (such as leaves and bugs) from the surface of the water.

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While the equipment for a swimming pool is may seem like a complicated system, it really is not. The main take away is that the equipment is there to make sure that you have the the best possible experience by filtering, cleaning, sanitizing, and heating the water that goes into it. To learn more, contact Infinite Pools online or call 951-354-9888. We have the experience and knowledge to help you create and build the pool and yard of your dreams. Infinite Pools practices a hands-on approach to every job and is fully involved at all stages of your project to ensure it is completed to our exceptionally high standards.

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