Infinite Pools is uncompromising when it comes to the quality of our construction. The construction process of an in-ground swimming pool is very detailed and unforgiving. If mistakes are made they are not easily reversible. You want a company who is committed and passionate about your project – someone who will never cut a corner or compromise on the quality of materials or workmanship. At Islander Pools we take great pride in our dedication to excellence in building. We only use the highest grade of materials and only work with experienced contractors who share our vision. At Islander Pools we are committed to innovation – both in design and functionality. We have been building energy efficient pools long before they became a popular request, simply because we knew it was better for our customers. We made changes in our design to ensure the safest swimming environment. Installing two main drains with anti-entrapment covers was a standard design requirement in our pools long before the Virginia Graeme Baker Act made these drains a legal requirement.

Quality of products used:

The quality of materials used in the construction of pools can vary greatly, and some companies use lower grade materials to cut costs in a less visible area. We at Islander Pools do not believe in compromising on quality at any stage of construction. We only use the highest grade materials and most reputable components in all of our projects. We use larger sized steel rebar to frame the pool, use larger sized pipes in our plumping to increase the efficiency of your pool, and use only the highest grade of concrete/gunite available. All of these extra details make for a more beautiful, longer-lasting, and reliable swimming pool for years to come.

Quality of craftsmanship:

The plan layout of your project is a critical and complex step in your project. The main component of this plan layout is the placement of your swimming pool. This design element is pivotal and can be quite complicated, especially in a smaller sized backyard. If this step of the project is neglected or mismanaged, major cost overruns may occur. Our professional designers and contractors work hand-in-hand to ensure a proper plan layout. We take detailed measurements of your backyard, which are always double and triple checked. We involve you, the homeowner, throughout the entire excavation and building process. We follow these guidelines with every project to ensure a trouble free plan layout and pool placement. Beyond using the best quality products in the industry, we know that it is the skilled application of these materials that is most important. Because of this, we only work with the most talented and experienced contractors. Our contractors are extensively trained and give the highest degree of attention to every detail of your project. They have years of experience and continue their education to ensure that they remain in the absolute top tier of skill and craftsmanship. Our contractors have mastered the pool building process and are dedicated to the Islander standard of excellence that ensures award winning projects.

Quality energy efficient swimming pools:

The second largest expense of a swimming pool is its operating cost, including: electricity, gas and chemical use. These costs are directly related to the quality of materials used during the building process of your swimming pool.   Many other companies cut their costs by using lower quality and less energy efficient materials, but this cost is passed on to you throughout the life of your pool.  At Islander Pools we use higher grade materials that create a more energy efficient pool, which generates a significant savings for you.

For example: A variable speed pump uses 50% to 70% less electricity than a standard/two speed pump. The variable speed pump is able to work slower and more efficiently, using less energy. Though the variable speed pump costs more initially, the pump quickly pays for itself in enormous energy savings.  At Islander Pools, variable speed pumps are standard on all of our pools.

Our plumbing design also adds to the energy efficiency of your pool by including larger diameter pipes, additional water returns, and looped plumbing. These efficiencies allow more water to be circulated using less energy. Our commitment to creating energy efficient pools is yet another way that we strive to set the bar for our industry.

Our Partners

At Islander Pools, we use the highest quality materials and only partner with reputable and respected vendors.