Building a pool requires hundreds of steps, procedures, and processes – all interrelated and dependent on each other. An undertaking this large has countless possibilities for errors if mismanaged or approached with any degree of carelessness. At Islander Pools we respect the complexity of pool building and approach the process with razor sharp attention to every detail. We take great pride in our commitment to the highest quality of design, materials, construction, and customer care. There is no aspect of creating your project that is not carefully planned and strategized; every detail, large or small, receives full attention and careful thought.

This extraordinarily focused and conscientious approach begins from the very first consultation, is continued through construction, and is evident long after your project is complete. We begin by completing a detailed consultation where we fully discuss your dream, vision, and needs. All options are explored, questions are encouraged and clarified, and the foundations of a masterpiece are created. We then meticulously review every aspect, angle, and measurement of your yard; all with multiple checks for accuracy. We computer generate a three dimensional rendering using CAD software to further ensure that all plans, dimensions, and features are absolutely perfect. As actual construction begins on your project, unwavering and detail-driven attention remains our mission and approach. Together with our diligent and careful contractors, every step and checklist is completed with precision, with the ultimate goal being perfection. We enjoy taking the time to include you in the process of realizing your dream – from design, all the way to training you on how to clean and operate your pool. We feel that there are no small details in your project – every element is crucial and worthy of pointed attention. The true beauty of your project is realized through the details, and this is why we will never compromise the quality and attention that we devote to each and every one.