Nowadays, everyone does everything on their smartphones! So, wouldn’t it be great to be able to control your swimming pool from your smartphone as well? Of course, you can. You can control many things with your phone. Read on to learn more!

What It Controls

When you are ready to go for a dip and you want to see the temperature of your pool, or if you know it is going to need heating, the control is right at your fingertips. The basic controls are in command of the heater, the pump, sanitation, auxiliary pumps, the lights, and you can even set it up to turn on additional features, such as your waterfall.


Controlling the pool from your phone is not only fun, but it makes your life easier! In addition to fun features, such as lights and turning on your waterfall, you can also schedule certain things to go on each day, including pool maintenance, such as filtration. You can even set up “favorites” such as a LED light routine for a heating schedule for different times of the year!

Professional Company

There are different systems that ca be installed, so It is always important to get information from your pool professional. To learn more about the features available to control your pool from your smartphone or tablet, contact Infinite Pools online or call 951-354-9888. We have the experience and knowledge to help you create and build the pool and yard of your dreams. Infinite Pools practices a hands-on approach to every job and is fully involved at all stages of your project to ensure it is completed to our exceptionally high standards.