The popularity of LED lights has exploded since the technology was introduced. These lights do not only use less energy, but they are brighter than incandescent lights used in a pool. In addition, they have some creative advantages that are not available for incandescent lights. Read on to learn more!

Incandescent Lights

Incandescent bulbs get their light from the glow from a heated filament that’s usually made of tungsten. Tungsten is a metal that can withstand high heat without melting. Though this produces a warm, golden glow, it actually creates much more heat than light and makes incandescent remarkably inefficient.

LED Lights

LEDs create light through semiconductors. Because of this, they need much less energy than incandescent lights. The light produced by a 400 watt incandescent light is about same produced by a 45 watt LED bulb. This also means that since it is a lower wattage, the cost of running the light is lower as well.

LED Advantage: Energy Efficient

Though they cost more initially than incandescent lights, LEDs are amazingly energy efficient and pay for themselves quickly. Not only that, the brightness and colors of LED pool lights can be adjusted to create just the right mood for the pool owner.

LED Advantage: Creativity

LED lights can be programmed to create a lovely light show in your pool. This can be done by computer or through Snap-On colored filters. This option can not be done with regular incandescent lights.

Professional Company

Lighting should not be a major expense for the maintenance of your pool. The average incandescent bulb lasts about 5000 hours, while the average LED lasts six times that amount. LEDs are also versatile, efficient and eco-friendly therefore they have a clear advantage over the old incandescent light option.

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