Most people recognize that that are many options when it comes to coping for around your in-ground pool. One popular option is cantilever coping. This is made with cement that is poured on top of the pool shell using a form. When the cement finally sets, the form is removed, and the pool edge hangs just slightly over the shell. The coping can also be precast, and brick or stone can also be installed on top of the pool shell.

Pro #1 – Low Maintenance

These type of coping requires little maintenance. However, to maintain it you should brush regularly to discourage algae and clean away dirt.

Pro #2 – Durability

The fact that this coping is made out of concrete, it is less likely to shift over time and holds up very well.

Con #1 – Possibly Inconsistent Finish

The reason the finish can be irregular in places is the same reason that a cantilevered coping is durable, which is it because it is poured on site. There can be noticeable differences in the finish and consistency of the concrete. Concrete also tends to stain over time.

Con #2 – Rough Surface

Some swimmers claim that the concrete is a little rough on the skin, especially when getting in an out of the pool.

Professional Company

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