When people think of quartzite, they think of the stone that goes into making beautiful counter and vanity tops. But many not know that quartzite can also be used for the coping on in-ground swimming pools. Read on to learn more about this material as well as some pros and cons of using quartzite coping.

What is Quartzite?

Quartzite is a rock (which is not to be confused with quartz, which is a mineral made of silicon dioxide). Specifically, it is a metamorphic rock that evolved from sandstone over eons under extreme pressure and heat. Most quartzite is white or gray, but other minerals and compounds can give it colors such as pink, red, green, blue or yellow. It often has a grainy texture along with an attractive glassy look.

Pro #1 – Beauty

The look of quartzite reminds many people of the much softer and more expensive marble. However, it is a lot easier to maintain than marble because it is a harder and more durable material.

Pro #2 – Durability

In nature, quartzite does not corrode easily and can spend many years out in the open without wearing away. The pool owner can expect quartzite to last a long time as pool coping if it is given the proper care.

Pro #3 – Ease of Care

Quartzite coping only needs to be scrubbed with a soft bristle brush now and then to clean it and discourage algae.

Pro #4 – Resists UV Light

The sun’s ultraviolet light can wreak havoc on outdoor materials, but quartzite is UV resistant. It won’t fade after years of being out in the sun.

Pro #5 – Resists Slipping

Quartzite can have a textured surface to make it slip-resistant. This is a must if the pool is to be used by young children or the elderly.

Con #1 – Subdued Colors

Though quartzite can come in different colors, the colors are a bit muted and on the neutral side. However, this might be just the thing to set off a pool full or bright blue water.

Con #2 – Can Hold Heat

Darker pieces of quartzite heat up faster than lighter ones as they hold on to heat.

Professional Company

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